“The main purpose of the SOS meeting is to add new information to your knowledge base, and expand your thinking. The information shared can only stimulate you if you are ready. Not everyone is ready, but many are. Lifting you up to a new standard of thinking, to a new standard of giving, to a new standard of prosperity, and to a new standard of mastery is often easier in a setting like this because it involves a collective consciousness. Think of it as a surround sound of ideas to stir you. For many that process to push yourself upstairs has already begun, and this meeting will have you notice it more. These meetings are for those who are ready, motivated, and who want to nurture again that once ferocious seed inside of you to create personal and professional change,” — John Cokinos

John Cokinos is crafting the meeting to emphasize financial strategies for growth. He will also talk about striving to lead a life of perfection. The Science of Success (SOS) meetings are not your typical business seminars. These meetings are considered to be “inner circle engagements.” We are inviting you to be part of it.
Participation donation: $199 (+$99 for a second participant from the same school)

(All proceeds of this non-profit event would go toward the Martial Arts Mentors Foundation Scholarships, instituted for allowing underprivileged children to participate in the martial arts.)

Location: Bethesda – Maryland

Please call Selva at 301-654-8677 ext 227 for more information

If you are ready to dedicate your time to this level of dedication, may I suggest you send John a brief email at Cokinos@aol.com and let him know of your interest in attending and your personal business goals.