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Total Accountability Partner

CRM Software

We’ve combined EFC’s 50+ years of experience in the industry and an unparalleled technology team to create your business’ new Total Accountability Partner.

Our online billing system is simple to use and provides you an easy and efficient way to organize your tuition with the ongoing support of our billing specialists. This software will help you manage all the aspects of running your school and we are adding features all the time.

  • Student Progress and Attendance Tracking

  • Payment Services and Enhanced Reporting

  • Progressive Program Support

  • Time and Task Managers

  • Point of Sale and Inventory Management

Track and illustrate individual student progress to next rank

Clearly track key performance metrics and overall school health

View and assign tasks to team members and see when they're completed

Sell merchandise, track remaining inventory, and record student purchases


Frequently Asked Questions

What’s different about how your CRM tracks and organizes students?

We’ve combined all of the important metrics for tracking your students and made them fully customizable to suit the needs of your program(s). Track rank, skills, and attendance together to show progression at a glance for each student or groups of students.

Does it have a student portal?

Yes! Students can check into class, view progress to their next rank, make payments, and more!

Does it have a marketing component?

Yes, our integrations allow you to create, customize and automate emails, text messages, and landing pages to make communicating with students and prospects a breeze.

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