Tuition Management

"EFC allows you to concentrate on what you do best, by handling all aspects of tuition billing. Have the peace of mind of knowing that your billing will be handled exactly the way you want."

- Sifu Luigi Cuellar & Alex Chan, NY

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InFocus Software

"InFocus is a martial arts school owner's best friend...Everything is so simple and so complete...This is a program designed with current technology and will make our jobs easier."

- Kathy Olevsky, NC

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Customer Service

"EFC to me is a team, my own Accounts Executive, taking care of my needs as if I do them myself, which eventually turned us into a closely knitted family. "

- Grand Master Bobby LaMattina, NH

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Success Mentor

"EFC's Success Mentoring program with your own board member is the best thing which could happen to a new school owner joining EFC. The program helps the newcomer to learn from a master who has a wealth of industry experience and allows them to blend and network with the community"

- Professor Garland Johnson , CO

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