Educational Funding Company was one of the first provider and still continues to be one of the leading tuition management and business consulting firm for professional educators that train students in martial arts, music, gymnastics, dance, yoga, performing arts, academics, sports, etc.

Since 1968, Educational Funding Company has been providing billing, financial, software, marketing, and business advisory services to fitness, martial arts, and health-related businesses in the US, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia. Our dedicated team of professionals supports thousands of individual client locations, which in turn,service over one million members. We have processed approximately over $200 million in membership payments on behalf of our clients during past financial year alone.

EFC allows you to concentrate on what you do best, by handling all aspects of tuition billing. Have the peace of mind of knowing that your billing will be handled exactly the way you want. EFC has come up with a whole system of management and marketing techniques that you will receive as one of our valued clients. These are guaranteed to make your school grow. These systems have been adopted uniformly across the world in the 30 years since Chairman Cokinos came up with them. They include “Seven and a Half Magic Questions,” “The Famous Extension Conference,” “The ABC Theory,” and “Half Moon Theory” to name just a few. Following the systems explained in publications such as “Take A Minute,” “EFC Management Guides,” and “EFC Marketing Guide” will ensure your school’s success.

The annual Educational Funding Company Summit is a forum for a robust exchange of ideas—uplifting, revitalizing and connecting our clients with one another. This is an opportunity for clients to be around and learn from some of the best business people and martial arts enthusiasts. Your Account Executive too can connect you with any resource, networking relationship, or martial arts support material you might need. They know what is working for other clients at every moment, and can share this knowledge with you.

Much like the annual summit, EFC’s top performing schools host regional meetings, also known as X-Factors, once or twice every year. This is another great opportunity to learn cutting-edge business development ideas from other martial arts school owners.

Our Principles & How We Do Things:

  • We value integrity – Embody highest standards, honor commitments
  • We build trustworthiness – Assess, understand, integrate, and adapt best practices
  • We provide dependability – Wholehearted full-attention
  • We focus on client – The client comes first, always
  • We have a collaborative perspective – Share, improvise, and build energy in the engagement process
  • We have a commitment to excellence – Balance short-term goals with the long-term common good.
  • We have a reflective practice – Inquire, observe, listen, combine action with reflection
  • We encourage an authentic engagement – Examine assumptions, challenge thinking, foster courageous, compassionate conversations